The Best Way to Load Cargo Into Your SUV

You probably got your SUV to haul around your kids or because it looks nice, but chances are you will take advantage of the cargo space to haul something around at some point. When using your SUV to tote cargo in Baraboo, WI, it's important to know how to do it safely.

You want to make sure any cargo you haul is secure. This not only includes what's inside the vehicle but also anything that may protrude outside. Make sure to use straps or something similar to make sure the cargo is fastened down.

Another important safety issue is to make sure your vision is not obstructed. You must still be able to use your windshield mirror to see out your rear window.

If you need any tips on the cargo-hauling features of your SUV, such as how to properly fold the seats, come see the experts at Baraboo Motors Group Inc.

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