When people look at the Dodge Journey, they like the overall appearance of the vehicle. However, there are many different factors to the style that take the vehicle beyond others when it comes to aesthetics. We at Baraboo Motors Group Inc. are very interested in examining all of the different factors of the exterior elegance.

For the front end of the 2019 Dodge Journey, you have the distinctive front fascia and the crosshair grille which give it its unique appearance in the front. There is also the option of black headlamp bezels which will bring out a sense of aggressiveness in the Dodge Journey's appearance.

For areas other than the front of the Dodge Journey, you have the sculpted fender flares and the bright exhaust tips which are not only fashionable but also functional for the driver of the vehicle. To look at the different features of the Dodge Journey, feel free to take one out for a test drive.

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