The New Ram 1500's Exterior Impresses

Everyone on the Baraboo Motors Group Inc. team was stunned when Ram revealed the new 1500's exterior. Its redesign will surely win this light-duty pickup new fans. Let's explore some features that got people in our Baraboo, WI showroom talking.

For 2019, Ram rethought the 1500's wheel selection. Now, every taste can be met among its line of durable wheels. In sizes that range from 18 to 22 inches, the Ram 1500 offers five standard and nine available wheel designs. Clearly, you can find one that gets you noticed while you cruise.

The 1500's new headlamps will also make you visible. In addition to low and high beams, this completely redesigned pickup's headlamp assembly features an LED outline. While the 1500's conventional lights let you thoroughly see the road at night, the model's LEDs will help other drivers see you in a variety of weather conditions. These modern headlamps and LEDs also fit within the Ram 1500's sleek lines.

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