We here at Baraboo Motors Group Inc. feel that it is always our duty to be as upfront as possible with our customers. So, in keeping with that tradition, we feel we have to tell you that your minivan isn't as fuel-efficient as some other models. The Dodge Grand Caravan is one minivan that almost feels like you're driving a sedan - especially when it comes to filling the tank.

Makers of the Grand Caravan put thought into designing vehicle features that would ensure it is as fuel-efficient as possible. Low rolling resistance tires roll more smoothly on road surfaces than other tire types, reducing both friction and fuel costs. Additionally, the Fuel Economizer adjusts your transmission and engine mid-drive to reduce fuel usage, so that you can always be sure you're driving as cheaply as possible.

If you're curious to see how the Dodge Grand Caravan measures up against our claims, come down to Baraboo Motors Group Inc. and try one out for yourself today!

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