How to Control Odors in Your Vehicle

Is there anything more unforgettable than the smell of a new car? Well, you could say the awful smell of a neglected car is hard to ignore. Seriously, you don't want your interior to present terrible odors. There are easy ways to fix and prevent the problem.

First, don't rely on air fresheners alone. They can mask smells, but don't kill off odors. Industrial strength air odor eliminators are your best bet. You can buy them at any decent automotive store. And putting an open container of baking soda inside the vehicle helps, too.

Thoroughly vacuuming the interior makes sense, as well. Sprinkling baking soda on the carpets before vacuuming may further help wipe out smells. Sometimes, however, the problem could be more serious, like mold in the carpets. Beware of mechanical issues such as blocked evaporators causing strange odors.

No matter what problems you may experience, the service team at Baraboo Motors Group Inc. in Baraboo, WI may be able to lend a hand. Call up the front desk to schedule a service visit.

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