Understanding Motor Oil Viscosity Ratings

Chances are you have seen the ratings listed on a container of motor oil and know that your car or truck needs one with a 10W30 or a 10W40 rating, but you really don't understand what the letters and numbers mean. They all refer to the oil's viscosity, or in layman's terms how the oil flows to coat and lubricate engine parts.

Oils with higher viscosity, such as a 10W30, flow slower at low temperatures than those with a lower viscosity, such as a 5W30. High viscosity oils, like 10W4, will seal better than those with lower viscosity and provide better protection of engine parts. The important thing to remember is that oil in your vehicle is one recommended by the manufacturer.

Still confused? If so, come into the service department at Baraboo Motors Group in Baraboo, WI. The certified technicians in our service center will be glad to fully explain the meaning of oil viscosity.

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