Why Winter Wiper Blades Make a Safer Ride

Most drivers don't give the windshield wipers on their car a second thought until they fail. Don't let those blades break in the middle of severe winter weather or you may not be able to move the car safely.

The winter wiper blades will not freeze and tear on the windshield because they are constructed with a stronger rubber. The casing that covers the moving parts of the winter wiper blades can improve the field of vision in the winter because ice cannot interrupt the flexing of the blades. If snow or ice gets in the metal framework, the rubber doesn't meet the glass and the precipitation cannot be moved. The old wiper blades can't push snow off the glass without risk of bending the arm. The new winter wiper blades can easily move the heavy precipitation.

Stop by Baraboo Motors Group Inc. and we will measure your car for a set of safer winter blades today.

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