Work in the City with the Ram ProMaster City

Driving around in the city becomes challenging even for those with a small, maneuverable, compact car. Driving a cargo van loaded with hundreds of pounds of items might be harder. With the right vehicle, however, dealing with the city's issues won't be a big hassle. The Ram ProMaster City comes with city capabilities that allow for a smoother ride.

Professional drivers don't overlook the value of a powerful transmission. The Ram ProMaster City's nine-speed automatic transmission transmits the power required for pro-level jobs. Drivers also gain more control over the transmission thanks to a unique electromechanical gear selection system.

The transmission and engine efficiently handle the high load capacity of the ProMaster City. The maximum payload capacity on the van is 1,885 lbs. The ability to carry nearly a ton of weight makes the van an excellent choice for many jobs.

Get an idea for the type of work the Ram ProMaster City can do by going on a test drive. Visit us here at Baraboo Motors Group Inc. in Baraboo, WI to do just that.

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