Towing Guide for Your Vehicle

Are you planning a big trip to the mountains or lake? You may want to consider a few things before attaching that trailer or boat to the back of your truck. Here are two things to avoid when hauling large objects on the road.

1. Avoid checking tire pressure on the trip

Your safety inspection before attaching your trailer should have told you whether or not to add additional air to your four wheels. You should not need to check pressures when the trip is well underway.

2. Avoid heavy braking when driving

Driving a truck as if it were a car becomes even more dangerous us when you have additional weight attached to the back. You should not be in a position where constant heavy braking is necessary. In fact, some drivers prefer riding alone rather than traveling with a pact of cars to avoid the need for sudden stops.

Your trip with the family should be one where everyone is safe. Stop by our service department at Baraboo Motors Inc. in Baraboo, WI to learn more about towing capacity and ensure the security of all on the road.

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