How You Can Tell Your Exhaust is Leaking

A leaking exhaust can not only make your muffler rumble but can also cause harmful gases to escape into the inside of your vehicle where they can be harmful. Don’t worry on your own if you suspect you may have an exhaust leak. Visit us at Baraboo Motors Group Inc. and let us inspect your vehicle and assure you everything is running correctly.

In case you’re not sure if your exhaust is leaking, here are some signs you may notice.

  • Decline in gas mileage
  • Popping or hissing sound when the engine is running
  • A leak that can be visibly seen
  • Vibrations on the foot pedals, seats or steering wheel
  • Muffler sounds louder than normal

It’s important to realize that a leak can be dangerous even if you can’t hear or see it.

Our service technicians in Baraboo, WI are qualified and ready to help you with your leaky exhaust or any other automotive service you may need. Schedule your appointment today.

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