Keeping Children Safe During Halloween

In the past few years, research conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicated that there is an uptick of accidents occur during Halloween. Children, in the excitement of trick or treating, forget safety precautions. Hence the responsibility falls on parents and motorists to be on the lookout.

Motorists should be more watchful of children crossing the roads; costumes worn by children could interfere with their vision. The motorist must be careful of such situations and slow down their vehicles where the need arises. The driver should turn on headlights to increase the visibility on the roads. Drivers should also pay more attention to yards and porches where children may be playing.

As for parents, it's essential that they set out clear guidelines for their children, and ensure while they are trick-or-treating they have an adult accompanying them. Children shouldn't be allowed to walk into unfamiliar areas. Parents should go into details of the safest routes, and they ensure that their children's costumes are visible and where necessary they should have reflectors.

Safety is a group responsibility. Contact Baraboo Motors Group Inc. and assess the products and services offered to ensure both your safety and other people’s safety this Halloween.
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