As Cooler Weather Rolls Around, Remember Your Car’s Maintenance!

The cooler weather is approaching us here in Baraboo, WI, and the maintenance of your vehicle is imperative. To help ensure that your car runs optimally, be sure to look at the owner manual that comes with your vehicle and see which services you should get done to your car. Because the colder weather can make problems worse if your vehicle has any, it is important to see us at Baraboo Motors Group Inc. for a thorough inspection.

There are numerous components to your vehicle’s maintenance that you should include before winter sets in. Getting any dirty filters replaced is one element. Be sure you are up to date on your vehicle’s oil change so your engine can work efficiently. For a pleasant driving experience, you may want to make sure that the heater is working in the car as well. Another element to get checked are the windshield wiper blades. Because harsh weather conditions, like snow and rain, can take a toll on them, it is imperative that you have windshield wiper blades that work optimally. Your car’s brakes and tires also need to get inspected. To help ensure that your vehicle brakes promptly and gets enough traction, get the tires rotated, or if necessary, replaced, as well as your brakes checked for safety.

Make an appointment and get your pre-winter maintenance done at our service center!

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